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water tap

tim:2020-9-29 9:47:25

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Product introduction


Drill tap is one of the necessary equipment of exploration rig. It is mainly used to connect drill pipe and mud pump in drilling operation, and it is the channel for high-pressure mud to input drilling tool.

Use and maintenance of drilling rig water joint

(1) When using water connector, it should be equipped with hose anti winding and water joint anti falling device. It is not allowed to support the water joint and hose during drilling.

(2) When checking the water joint, the vertical shaft rotation must be stopped and a special person should be assigned to take care of the clutch switch handle.

(3) The plug line and sealing ring shall be pressed or replaced on schedule to keep the sealing performance of the rotating part. It is not only necessary to ensure no water leakage, but also to make the rotating parts of water joint operate flexibly to prevent pipe winding.

(4) Add lubricating grease regularly as required.

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