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Low air pressure bit

tim:2020-9-29 10:29:07

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Product introduction



Low air pressure bit material:

High wear resistant cemented carbide ball teeth and high toughness alloy steel pants are adopted.

Bit advantages:

1. The bit has high-speed rock impact, fast rock drilling speed and high rock breaking efficiency.

2. The drill has high wear resistance and can drill more meters.

3. According to the rock structure, the high-efficiency drill bit can be optimized and customized.

Bit features:

1. Cemented carbide tooth material adopts high wear resistance formula, and the broken tooth rate is less than 2%.

2. The trousers are made of high strength and high-quality alloy steel. After advanced heat treatment process, the rate of trousers breaking is less than 1%.

3. Using advanced CNC machining and advanced alloy gear assembly technology, the tooth drop rate is less than 1%.

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