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425s anchor drill

tim:2020-9-29 11:20:53

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Product introduction

425S 锚固钻机.jpg

425s anchor drill

Product features:

L the power standard of this type of drilling rig is double power design. The standard configuration is 3 m drill pipe with a diameter of 76mm or a variety of twist drill pipes are selected. It is a diesel and electric dual-purpose model, which can switch power at any time;

L the rotary head is driven by high torque double cycloid motor, which increases the torque of the drilling rig up to 5600n. M, which makes the drilling hole diameter wider, and can be widely used for anchor rod, pipe following and large diameter twist drill pipe operation in foundation pit;

The rotary two speed switching valve is easy to operate and can meet the operation requirements of different torque and speed. 425s is equipped with rod unloading device as standard;

L standard assembly plunger motor, international construction machinery crawler, climbing more powerful, more reliable quality.

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