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450 well drilling rig

tim:2020-9-29 11:22:00

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Product introduction

450 水井钻机.jpg

450 well drilling rig

Crawler type multifunctional water well drilling rig is a new type, high efficiency and multi-functional hydraulic drilling rig. It is mainly used for drilling and drilling wells, detection wells, geothermal air-conditioning wells and other drill pipe operations.

L high end configuration, can be widely used in many drilling fields. Combined with the advantages of excellent products at home and abroad, the key hydraulic components are imported brands to ensure the reliability of the whole machine.

1. The winch can lift drilling tools or auxiliary tools within 1.5 tons flexibly, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators;

Equipped with large torque travel motor, it can walk freely and quickly in different working conditions.

L propulsion and lifting are equipped with fast and slow gears, which can improve the drilling efficiency. The high torque rotary head has two speeds of rotation and adjustable speed, which is suitable for different aperture and geological conditions.

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