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Mwd-453a integrated surface down the hole drill

tim:2020-9-29 11:23:33

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Product introduction

ZGYX-453A 一体式露天潜孔钻机.jpg

Mwd-453a integrated surface down the hole drill

High efficiency

Automatic tool change and strong cross-country performance shorten the auxiliary time of drilling rig. The large displacement high-pressure screw air compressor makes the slag discharge thoroughly, which is more conducive to the substantial increase of drilling speed and reduce the consumption of drilling rig. Strong propulsion and rotary design can solve the problem of drilling stuck in complex rock strata on the basis of meeting the requirements of high-speed rock drilling. Single operator reduces labor cost.

environment protection

The standard two-stage dry dust collection device and the optional wet dust removal device can not only meet the environmental requirements of mine and operators, but also greatly reduce the dust pollution on the equipment itself.

energy conservation

Compared with the split drilling rig, the total power of the diesel engine is reduced by 35% and the maintenance cost is reduced by 50%.


The crawler leveling device makes the center of gravity more stable up and down the slope of the drilling rig, and the powerful operation ability reduces the number of equipment and personnel required by the mine. The protection design of the drill bin and cab eliminates the hidden danger of personnel safety.

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