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Mwd-452 integrated down the hole drill

tim:2020-9-29 11:24:00

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Product introduction


Mwd-452 integrated down the hole drill

Product features:

1. The supporting power of the drilling rig is Yuchai yc6a260l-t20, equipped with 16 / 17 screw air compressor. It meets the requirements of 90-138mm aperture and is equipped with dry dust collector as standard;

2. Using its single power to drive the screw air compressor and the hydraulic system of the drilling rig at the same time, the comprehensive oil consumption of the split drilling rig is saved by 35% and the maintenance cost is reduced by 50%;

3. The core hydraulic components are imported from Europe, and the reliable hydraulic system greatly reduces the maintenance workload of the system, which is convenient and practical; the powerful two speed hydraulic walking mechanism has strong cross-country ability, and the large torque rotary motor can easily deal with the sticking of drill pipe;

4. Two stage dry dust collection device, environmental protection, but also help to improve production efficiency; integration technology, to solve the engineering, mine air compressor movement and remote management problems.

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