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Mwd-455 integrated surface down the hole drill

tim:2020-9-29 11:24:41

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Product introduction

ZGYX-455 一体露天潜孔钻机.jpg

Mwd-455 integrated surface down the hole drill

Mwd-455 adopts high quality steel, brand parts, strict production process, complete configuration and perfect function.

Product advantages:

1. Cab

Spacious, wide vision, humanized cab, emphasis on safety performance, front window protective fence.

2. Double motor rotary head

Cycloidal hydraulic double motor rotary head has high output torque and low failure rate.

3. Disc automatic rod changer

The disc automatic rod changer can select drill pipe freely and prolong the service life of drilling tool.

The floating pipe reel designed can eliminate the concentrated point of tubing deformation and prolong the service life.

4. Propulsion beam

The hydraulic cylinder is propelled by steel wire rope, with high precision of propulsion force control and stable operation of rotary head.

It can drill all kinds of intermediate angle hole and horizontal foot hole.

5. Dust removal device

Zhigao tunneling two-stage dust removal technology industry. Self cleaning, self-cleaning and self-cleaning.

The filter element array can be easily disassembled and maintained with high efficiency.

The integrated cover can slide up and down to clearly observe the opening and control the opening.

6. Strong traction

Crawler type heavy chassis, hydraulic swing device swing frame ± 10 degrees.

High traction, high ground clearance, good off-road performance.

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