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Mwd-420-420-1-420d split down the hole drill

tim:2020-9-29 11:25:49

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Product introduction

ZGYX-420-420-1-420D 分体式露天潜孔钻机.jpg

420 / 420-1 / 420D split down the hole drill

Product features

The power standard of this type of drilling rig is divided into Yuchai four cylinder yc4d80, yc4dk100 and electric 55kW.

The strength of each structural part of the machine is strengthened, which can fully meet the functional requirements of various working conditions;

The double cycloid motor is used to drive the rotary head, which greatly enhances the torque of the drilling rig and enlarges the drilling aperture range;

The new shell design makes the maintenance and use of the drilling rig more convenient, and enhances the beauty of the drilling rig;

Dry type dust collector can be selected, drilling without dust, more environmental protection and energy saving;

420 model standard equipment engineering crawler plunger travel motor, climbing more powerful, more reliable quality.

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