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Nylon slider

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Product introduction


Properties of nylon;

1. The wear resistance is very high and can bear the load for a long time.

2. Nylon has good resilience and can be bent without deformation. Very resilient

3. Strong wear-resistant and self-lubricating performance, which greatly reduces the cost of nylon and improves the competitiveness of the product

4. Nylon also has low temperature resistance, which enhances its strain ability to the environment.

5. Antistatic, suitable for mining machinery and other fields

Nylon is used as a shock absorption and wear-resistant material instead of nonferrous metals and alloy steel. A 400 kg MC nylon product has an actual volume equivalent to 2.7 tons

Steel or 3 tons of bronze, nylon parts, unfair to improve the mechanical efficiency, reduce maintenance, and the general service life extended by two or three times.

(1) Gear, worm gear

The advantages of nylon gear and worm gear are light weight, fatigue resistance, shock absorption and good self-lubricating performance. For fear of lubricant contamination or can not often add

Nylon gear is the most suitable lubricant, and does not damage the corresponding gear or on-line connector. It has low noise and can be used in textile, paper making, printing, food machinery and other industries

The noise is only 1 / 4-1 / 2 of that of steel parts.

(2) Slider

In heavy industry, MC nylon material is used as slide block in metal rolling press, forging machine and other industrial machinery. It has the following advantages: long service life, replacement time and dimension

The repair cost can be greatly saved. The lubricating performance can be maintained for a long time after the grease is added once. It has the advantages of resistance to impact fatigue, high vibration resistance, low noise, light weight and installation

Easy to match and good wear resistance.

(3) Piston ring, support ring

The piston ring made of nylon has the following characteristics: light weight: about 15% of the weight of bronze, reducing motion loss, saving mechanical power, good sliding performance, static and dynamic friction

The coefficient difference is small, so it will not stick like metal. It has good physical properties, can avoid cylinder liner scuffing, has no oil self lubrication, good sealing performance and is not easy to leak oil

Long life, improve work efficiency.

(4) Sleeve, Bush and bearing

Nylon has the following advantages as follows: good wear resistance, good self-lubricating property, and high PV value in general thermoplastic. The friction coefficient is small

It is resistant to impact, not easy to hold the shaft, weld and damage the journal, with long lubrication cycle, reduced maintenance, strong adaptability and long service life under harsh environment.

(5) Roller, roller

Because of its drug resistance, wear resistance and self-lubricating properties, nylon is used as a roller or as a metal roller outer liner for conveying guide roller, reverse roller and swimming

All rolls are suitable. Compared with other materials, nylon has a long service life, easy processing, less refueling times, and no oil leakage, rust, oil and rust stains do not contaminate the fiber.

(6) Other aspects

In addition to the above introduction, nylon is widely used in many aspects, such as mixer roller, valve body, valve core gasket, insulating sleeve, guide plate, pulley, etc., in railway

In the marine industry, there are bearings, pump bearings and pulleys

Slide block, chain wheel, handle anti electricity, seal, etc.

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